Reflect the Creator Photos

About the Photographer - Dave Kirkness

I am an avid amateur photographer based in the Niagara Peninsula on the Canadian side of the border.

I began my journey in 2004 with the purchase of my first DSLR (a Nikon D70).  Although I have no "formal" training, I have been blessed to have the mentoring of my father-in-law, Wayne Tester, an accomplished amateur photographer in his own right as well as the mentoring of my beloved wife Cheryl, a passionate artist with a gifted eye for composition and colour.

I am particularly moved by natural beauty. Whether it be landscapes, wildlife, water, skies or even man's adaptation to the natural surroundings, I ultimately try to invoke an emotional response or reaction to the images I  capture.

The majesty  of creation surrounds us - even in the smallest of plants and animals.  

I hope you enjoy the journey through these pages.  



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